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TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line


The TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line stereo plate plug-in is simple to use. It replaces TAL-Reverb-II and includes numerous enhancements such as a redesigned user interface and modifications to the reverb algorithm. There’s a simplified EQ section, a meter display, and real slider values are displayed…

Infinity Synth by Stagecraft


Infinity Synth by Stagecraft is a sample-based synth intended for maximum expressiveness and to provide you with high-quality sounds straight out of the box. It includes all of the features you’d expect from a professional sample-based synth, such as ADSR envelopes, effects chaining, filters, Mods, velocity, and…

8-Bit Shaper by Xfer Records


8-Bit Shaper by Xfer Records converts your audio file to 8-bits for use in the waveshaper stage. Pre- and post-filtering options are available to further colorize the signal. You may control the amount of mangling by using the wet/dry slider and free-drawing on the graph.

8-Bit Shaper is great for drumloops, leads, basses, and other sounds.

Nightlife VST by Acoustica


Acoustica’s free Nightlife VST plugin features three oscillators with completely adjustable waveforms, dual filters, five built-in modulation sequencers, four LFOs, a bit crusher, five killer effects (chorus, reverb, delay, equalization, and phaser), a flexible modulation matrix, and more.

Nightlife VST also includes a wonderful library of 140…

Helm by Matt Tytel


What is Helm?

Helm by Matt Tytel is a great free synth for making all types of EDM.

Helm VSTis available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux as 32 and 64-bit. This synth comes with 274 presets.

Why Helm is good?

The Formant filter is great at creating vowel sounds by picking different spots in the X/Y pad.

The biggest feature in this synth is probably the LFO modulation. This lets you link the Low-Frequency Oscillator to different parameters around the plugin to change their values.

How can you use Helm?

Helm is great for dubstep. And really any kind of sound design.

OTT by Xfer Records


OTT by Xfer Records plugin is a specific setting on a multiband compressor that takes any sound that yourun it through and gives it a more aggressive and in-your-face sound.

The plug-in itself isn’t necessarily a new type of compression, it is just a
particular setting on a…

PanCake 2 by Cableguys


Cableguys’ PanCake 2 is a cutting-edge plugin that allows you to generate variable pan modulations.

- Create intricate pan modulations with ease with this creative modulation tool.

- Drawing waveforms in a unique way: Create your own modulation curves in a simple and straightforward way. Soft or hard…

Symptohm PE by Ohm Force


Symptohm PE by Ohm Force is an easy to use preset synth, built from the Symptohm: Melohman synth engine.

Look through all of Symptohm’s presets. With the advanced synthesis engine working beneath the hood, they sound precisely as they do on the ordinary edition. Even if you’ve barely scraped the surface after passing through hundreds of patches, you’ll have heard about what the iceberg’s top can do.

The waveforms may be changed using the Oscillators buttons. The defaults are good, but why not customize your own? Be inventive. Have fun with it. When you add in the Melohman function, you have a genuinely fascinating and powerful tool that you’ll spend hours and hours with before exclaiming, “I WANT MORE!” like a crazed monkey.

TAL-Vocoder by Togu Audio Line


Togu Audio Line’s TAL-Vocoder is a vintage vocoder emulation with 11 bands that sounds like vocoders from the early 1980s.

The TAL-Vocoder combines analog modeling components with digital algorithms like the SFFT (Short-Time Fast Fourier Transform). Other digital vocoders may perform a direct convolution of the carrier…

Dexed by Digital Suburban


Dexed is a multi-platform, multi-format plugin synth by Digital Suburban that is based on the Yamaha DX7. It employs the music-synthesizer-for-android synth engine under the hood.

This project’s purpose is to serve as a tool/companion for the original DX7. Anything that goes beyond the DX7 should and…


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