TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line

TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line


The TAL-Reverb III by Togu Audio Line stereo plate plug-in is simple to use. It replaces TAL-Reverb-II and includes numerous enhancements such as a redesigned user interface and modifications to the reverb algorithm. There’s a simplified EQ section, a meter display, and real slider values are displayed. The reverb has a distinct personality and creates a highly diffuse plate. TAL set out to develop a colorless, maximally diffuse plate reverb that was free of grains and digital imperfections. It’s the culmination of a lot of tweaking and testing.

TAL-Reverb III features:

- Sound of a plate reverb.

- There’s just one way to regulate the size of a room.

- Predelay of up to one second is available.

- Section on EQ (12dB cut, low shelf filter at 1000Hz, high shelf filter at 200Hz).

- Controlling the stereo width (from full stereo to mono).

- Input mode: stereo (mono or stereo input).

- The active fader’s slider value is displayed.

- The output volume is shown via a meter.

- There are ten factory settings available.

- The JUCE framework was used to create this project, which is open source.